Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Finding peace of mind in our security.

Kansas Heart Hospital believes that patients have the right to be informed, understand and participate in their treatment and care in order to obtain better clinical understanding and results and to have their have their medical information protected.

Patient Rights And Privacy

  • Privacy concerning your medical care
  • Understand information presented in order to be able to make an informed consent or refusal of a treatment, procedure or surgery
  • Have the freedom to choose the physicians from whom they will receive their care
  • Understand the risk and benefits of procedures, surgeries and / or treatment plans being proposed
  • Develop advanced directives and require the hospital staff and physicians to comply with such directives
  • Participate with healthcare providers in treatment plans
  • Retain the right to leave the facility against medical advice
  • Receive upon request the Kansas Heart Hospital Notice of Privacy Practices
  • Request privacy protection including protected health Information
  • Have the ability to access protected health information in an acceptable length of time and to amend such information
  • Request an accounting of disclosures of protected health information
  • Only the least amount of restraint or isolation should be employed in order to insure patient’s well being and safety
  • Report a concern with the state of Kansas or federal agency even if you choose not to report your grievance to the hospital first

Patient Responsibilities

  • Patients should provide their healthcare provider accurate current and past health information which includes illnesses, hospitalizations and any pertinent medical health care issues or conditions
  • Follow the care plan and instructions provided by your health care provider
  • Request information from your health care provider if you do not understand a treatment plan, procedure, test or surgery
  • Adhere to Kansas Heart Hospital’s policies and procedures

Further Information

How to contact us concerning patient rights & privacy

For further information concerning patient rights and patient privacy matters or complaints related to patient rights and/or patient privacy matters please contact the following or fill out the form below.

  • Privacy Official: Brenda Schulte, RN
  • Organization: Kansas Heart Hospital
  • Address: 3601 North Webb Road • Wichita, Kansas 67226
  • Phone Number: 1 (316) 630-5000

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