Kansas Heart Hospital Once Again Receives Medicare Five-Star Ranking

Kansas Heart Hospital Once Again Receives Medicare Five-Star Ranking

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CMS (“Medicare”) first introduced their star ranking system (i.e., five (5) star “best” through one (1) star “worst”) of Medicare participating hospitals in July, 2016. CMS has provided continuous quarterly updates through February, 2019 when they switched their reporting period from quarterly to yearly beginning February 2020. The February 2020 rankings for all hospitals were released by CMS on January 29th, 2020 and are available to the public on the CMS website under the category of “Hospital Compare” (Click to be taken to the site.  This will take you out of this article.).

Medicare quantifies a number of metrics in determining their rankings. It should be noted that “fine tuning” and refinement of these metrics based on public feedback and hospital participants has occurred over the years. In brief, CMS assigns star rankings to more than 4500 hospitals nationwide based on their performance across seven quality areas: (1) mortality, (2) safety of care provided, (3) readmission to the hospital(s), (4) patient experience, (5) effectiveness of care provided, (6) timeliness of care, and (7) efficient use of medical imaging.

For 2020 the nationwide CMS ranking is as follows: 407 hospitals (5-star), 1,136 hospitals (4-star), 1,191 hospitals (3-star), 710 hospitals (2-star) and 228 hospitals (1-star). In the state of Kansas a total of ten (10) hospitals were ranked 5-star and three of those ten hospitals were in the immediate Wichita vicinity: Kansas Heart Hospital (“KHH”), HCA Wesley Medical Center and Newton Medical Center.

“It should be noted that the criteria for the 5-star designation has been broadened to include more hospitals since July, 2016, the first year for CMS reporting their star rankings. Specifically, in 2016 when KHH was first designated a 5-star facility only 83 hospitals nationwide received the 5-star ranking whereas currently 407 hospitals receive the five star designation,” stated Joyce Heismeyer, COO at KHH. “Most significantly, KHH is the only hospital in the state of Kansas to have been ranked a five star hospital during each and every quarterly and annual CMS reporting period. This is truly a testament to our fine physicians and outstanding nurses and employees at KHH,” added Dr. Greg Duick, President and Chairman of the Board at KHH.