Turning a Page…..Susan Bradford, Director of Nursing, Retires

Turning a Page…..Susan Bradford, Director of Nursing, Retires

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On Friday, April 6, 2018, the administrators and managers of Kansas Heart Hospital met at the Hooray Ranch for their managers’ retreat near Kingman, Kansas. Dr. Greg Duick, President and Chairman, highlighted the successes of the past and the challenges of the future which confront the hospital in an ever-changing landscape of healthcare. Dr. Thomas Ashcom acknowledged and praised the staff for their positive attitudes and for always “placing the patient and their needs first.”

At the evening dinner, Susan Bradford, Director of Nursing since 2011, was honored and recognized for her twenty years of dedicated service to the hospital. She received well deserved praise and well wishes from administration and her fellow managers as she enters retirement. During the planning stages of the hospital in early 1998, Susan, as one of the founding managers, helped create and establish the clinical foundation, policies and procedures for nursing prior to the hospital’s actual opening on February 15th, 1999. In referencing that time, she recalls that “I took pride in our fixed 4:1 nursing ratios which permitted our nurses to spend more time with their patients.” Also over the years she has taken pride in the ability of the hospital and her nursing staff to “integrate new graduate nurses with mentoring established nurses to foster the hospital’s nursing centric model.” When asked about her colleagues and co-workers at the hospital, Susan said,”Such a team…it’s hard to explain but we are really an extended family.”

Terry Bontrager, manager of pharmacy at the hospital, presented Susan a statuesque remembrance from all of the managers which, in part, stated and thanked Susan “for her years of dedication and service.” Sandy McClune, RN, manager of ICU, reflected and said, “When I first started she was there to help me along. She is a great story-teller, a good leader and a good person.” In referring to Susan, Steve Smith, CFO since the hospital’s inception, stated, “Susan is an unbelievable person and an excellent nurse.” Joyce Heismeyer, COO, added, she is “dedicated, reliable, and handles interactions with both the physicians and her staff spectacularly.” Co-founding manager, Deb Sikes, RDCS, manager of ultrasound, CT, nuclear medicine and radiology services, commented, “I have known Susan since 1998. She is a great co-worker, leader, manager and I love hearing her stories!” Also a co-founding manager, Carla Nelson RN reflected anecdotally about her first meeting with Susan when both were new nurses at St. Mary’s Hospital (now defunct) in Emporia, Kansas: “In the late 1970’s, prior to coming to Wichita, I worked at St. Mary’s Hospital and the first time I ever met her she was a nurse in the ICU and I was asked to go from the floor to help her since she was very busy. Basically, I started an IV for her on a patient and she said, “I’m good to go!” And “go” she has for the past twenty years!

We all wish, Susan, and her husband, Kent, only the best for the future as they embark on Susan’s retirement. She will be missed; “a page has turned” at Kansas Heart Hospital.