National Time-Out Day News Conference…It’s All About Safety

National Time-Out Day News Conference…It’s All About Safety

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At 2:00 PM on Wednesday, June 11th, 2014, the Wichita Quality Health Collaborative and representatives of Kansas Heart Hospital, Wesley Medical Center, Via Christi hospitals, Kansas Surgery and Recovery Center and Newton Medical Center joined together to announce their collaborative effort to make Wichita the safest place in the country to undergo surgery or a medical procedure. The venue was the Kansas Leadership Center located in downtown Wichita and local print and television media including KWCH – TV and KAKE – TV were in attendance.

Greg Duick MD, Chairman and President of Kansas Heart Hospital, Darrell Youngman DO, Chief Medical Officer of Via Christi hospitals, Hugh Tappen, CEO of Wesley Medical Center, and Ely Bartal MD, CEO of Kansas Surgery and Recovery Center, each spoke at the kick-off celebration as did Randall Morgan MD, local obstetrician and gynecologist, who speared-headed the cooperative movement. Carla Nelson, RN, nurse manager of the operating room at Kansas Heart Hospital, also attended.

Initially, Dr. Morgan reviewed the beginnings of the surgical timeout starting in May, 2009. Dr. Duick said, “At Kansas Heart Hospital we realized early-on the need for standardization. Standardization of order-sets, protocols, equipment led to better efficiencies and better outcomes for patients. Today’s effort has extended standardization of surgical and procedural timeouts throughout the city of Wichita making it seamless in transporting safety to all or our institutions. This is a good thing for doctors, nurses and a great thing for patients and their families.”

The Wichita Quality Health Collaborative’s surgical time-out protocol is essentially a checklist that is led by medical personnel requiring undivided attention and stoppage of all activity in the operating room. The checklist includes the following standardized steps: 1) Identify the patient by their name and birth date, 2) State the procedure to be performed, 3) Ensure that the incision site is clearly marked and verified, 4) Identify and share known patient allergies with the surgical team, 5) Report and administer any required antibiotics before initiating the surgical procedure, and 6) Address any last-minute concerns or questions.

“Developing common time-out processes and checklists that are consistently used where ever the surgery or procedure is performed will reduce the risk of errors and improve patient safety,” Dr. Morgan said. “This is now the standard of care in Wichita.”

The full membership of the Wichita Quality Health Collaborative which was formed under the auspices of the Medical Society of Sedgwick County includes the following institutions:

Dr. Duick speaking at the National Time-Out Day News Conference.

  • Kansas Heart Hospital
  • Surgicare of Wichita
  • Kansas Surgery & Recovery Center
  • Via Christi Health
  • Cypress Surgery Center
  • Wesley Medical Center
  • Galichia Heart Hospital
  • Robert J. Dole VA
  • Kansas Medical Center
  • Medical Society of Sedgwick County
  • Newton Medical Center
  • Kansas Spine & Specialty Hospital