Kansas Heart Hospital and American Heart Association Team-up to Present “Heartsaver” Course

Kansas Heart Hospital and American Heart Association Team-up to Present “Heartsaver” Course

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The local Midwest Affiliate of the American Heart Association and the Kansas Heart Hospital (KHH) will hold their first “Heartsaver” Course at the Kansas Heart Hospital on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 20TH, 2012, between 8:00 AM and noon.

The course instructor is Melinda Bass, BSN, who began her KHH career as an ICU nurse and is currently the Staff Development Coordinator and Educator for the hospital. Newsbeat visited with Melinda recently about the “Heartsaver” Course.

Newsbeat: “What is the “Heartsaver” Course?

Melinda: “Heartsaver is a four hour didactic and hands-on certified course which is sponsored by the American Heart Association in conjunction with Kansas Heart Hospital. It focuses on basic CPR, choking and automatic external defibrillators (AED’s) for adults and infants. The lay public is encouraged to attend.”

Newsbeat: “Who else should attend this course?”

Melinda: “This four hour program is ideally suited for non-healthcare workers, such as day care providers, life guards, teachers, school bus drivers and other individuals who may require such certification for employment.”

Newsbeat: “Do you receive any type of a certificate for attending the program?”

Melinda: “Upon completion of the four hour course participants will receive a certification card which is good for two years.”

Newsbeat: “How often is this program offered?”

Melinda: “Our first program is scheduled for Saturday, October 20th, 2012 and our second program is planned for Saturday, November 10th, 2012.”

Newsbeat: “Do you need to “study” anything before attending?”

Melinda: “No, you will receive an American Heart Association instructional booklet when you arrive and it is yours to keep!”

Newsbeat: “How do I register?”

Melinda: “We, actually, have two different convenient ways to learn more about the program and to sign-up. The cost is $35.00 which includes your instructional booklet, the four hour course and your certificate. You can contact me, Melinda Bass, at the Kansas Heart Hospital at 630-5095 and / or mbass@kansasheart.com.”

Newsbeat: “Your program certainly sounds both exciting and informative. Thanks for visiting with us today.”