Dan Schneweis – Telemetry RN

Dan Schneweis – Telemetry RN

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Dan Schneweis is a Wichita native and a registered nurse (RN). He has worked on the telemetry unit at Kansas Heart Hospital since 2006. In 2001-2002, he went on two separate church missionary trips to the Honduras where he perfected his conversational Spanish and provided medical care to the native populations. Upon returning to the US, he chose the Guadalupe Clinic in south Wichita as a way to help maintain his proficiency in Spanish and to use his nursing skills to help the under served Hispanic population of Wichita.

“I have volunteered at the Guadalupe Clinic for ten years. Usually, I’ll worked a half-shift from either 8:30 am to noon or from 12:30 pm until 5:00 pm. I’m scheduled there once per month,” said Dan. Also he participated in a 2004 church sponsored building trip to Peru.

Since 2005 Dan has developed his life long ambition to learn sky-diving. Initially, as a student and now as a certified instructor he has performed solo, demonstration jumps for the City of Herrington, Kansas and as a group participant at the 4th of July celebration at the Wichita Country Club. He has enjoyed recreational jumping in Switzerland, Long Island, New York and from 21,000 feet in Iowa. “I enjoy jumping because of the jump itself as well as the places I have gone and the people I have met.”

When asked about why he enjoys working at Kansas Heart Hospital, he said, “It’s a very busy place. You work with a good group of people and we work well together.”

You can visit the Guadalupe Clinic website at http://catholicdioceseofwichita.org/guadalupe-clinic and to learn more about skydiving in Wichita you can visit the Air Capital Drop Zone website at http://www.aircapitaldropzone.com/.