Kansas Heart Hospital drops co-CEO Idbeis

Kansas Heart Hospital drops co-CEO Idbeis

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Wichita Business Journal by Jerry Siebenmark

Date: Sunday, May 25, 2003, 11:00pm CDT - Last Modified: Thursday, May 22, 2003, 1:55pm CDT

Four years after co-founding the city's first specialty heart hospital, Dr. Badr Idbeis (pronounced "BAH-dur ID-base") is no longer its co-CEO.

That's according to Kansas Heart Hospital officials, who say the thoracic and cardiovascular surgeon continues to practice there and has kept his investment in the 53-bed facility that opened for business in February 1999.

The decision to move away from shared CEO duties between Idbeis and Dr. Greg Duick was made by the privately owned hospital's board of directors in February, officials say.

"You could have flipped a coin how as to how this shook out," says Duick, a cardiologist who founded the hospital with Idbeis and now serves as its sole CEO.

Dual reporting.

Two heads are not always better than one, Kansas Heart Hospital officials say.

Splitting the CEO duties meant that staff had two top executives, rather than one, to report to.

And the daily operational responsibilities required by the role meant that sometimes one CEO was making a decision without consulting the other.

"It's tough to agree 100 percent of the time but both he and I have the same vision for the hospital," Duick says.

Idbeis could not be reached for comment.

Duick and Lynn Jeane, KHH's Chief Operating Officer, say the change has had no effect on the hospital.  Jeane and Steve Smith, Chief Financial Officer, will continue in their current positions.