The culture of Kansas Heart Hospital can best be described as a merging and assimilation of quality, excellence and service which focuses on patient care and the needs of patients’ families. All cardiologists, cardiothoracic surgeons and vascular surgeons are board certified and all nurses are RN’s dedicated to taking care of the patients’ total needs.

KHH Nursing Model

Kansas Heart Hospital sets itself apart by embracing fixed nursing ratios as follows: one nurse to two patients in ICU; one nurse to three patients in the outpatient, one day care intermediate area; and one nurse to four patients on the telemetry, general medical floor.

One-to-one nursing is required in ICU on open heart surgical patients just back from surgery. Our nursing model mandates we employ only the most qualified healthcare providers and therefore only registered nurses are employed at Kansas Heart Hospital in primary patient care areas. This paradigm for nursing care is unique to Kansas Heart Hospital.

At Kansas Heart Hospital, fixed nursing ratios and an all RN staff is a necessary commitment in order to achieve the best outcomes for our patients and satisfaction for their families.

Excellence beyond competency can be difficult to achieve, more difficult to maintain and it remains our daily challenge to take nothing for granted. Keeping our “patient first” focus identifies the necessary pathway to achieve quality and service and the means to do so.