Chef Hossein, Kitchen Manager

Last May, 2012 Kansas Heart Hospital began an extensive renovation of its existing kitchen facilities and restaurant dining area.

Dondlinger & Sons was the construction company and GLMV were the architects responsible for the project.

On November 8th, Kansas Heart celebrated its formal opening of the newly renovated space, the “Heart Rock Café.” New kitchen line equipment as well as an entirely reconstructed and modern service line now welcomes all visitors. Complementing the new functionality is the addition of electronic signage and reconfiguration of the dining areas providing “more of a café, informal type atmosphere than a hospital cafeteria,” said John Wilkerson, a resident of Liberal, Kansas.

Newsbeat visited with the new chef, Zinal “Hossein” Pourhussin, who has worked in various capacities with Latour Management services over the past 18-20 years including stints for 10 years at the Cessna Aircraft Company, Piccadilly restaurant and the former Olive Tree restaurant. “I just began my tenure here at Kansas Heart about three weeks ago. I am currently observing the operation, monitoring patient food surveys and asking café visitors their impressions,” said Chef Hossein.

Working with hospital dietary can be challenging when trying to provide healthy yet appealing food options. Chef Hossein added, “I have added a special meat and chicken lasagna to the current menu. Working with Grace, the KHH dietician, has been informative and easy.”

Please stop by the Heart Rock Café for breakfast, lunch or dinner or just take some time to snack and visit. You won’t be disappointed. Chef Hossein will be there to greet you!  Also visit our photo gallery for pictures of the project from start to finish.