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Nothing...taking care of patients and their families since 1999.

Part Science, Part Art, All Caring

Science, technology and compassionate care - making patients our priority today and tomorrow.

One Team, One Hospital, One Purpose

Providing an environment to comfort patients and their families

Service is the Cornerstone of Quality Care

Times Change, People Change, Our Commitment To Excellence Doesn't

Welcome to Kansas Heart Hospital | Specialized Cardiovascular, Surgical & Vascular Services

The Kansas Heart Hospital is a fifty-four bed acute care hospital located in Wichita, Kansas providing specialized cardiovascular, surgical and vascular services and care for patients throughout Kansas and northern Oklahoma.

One team, one hospital, one purpose…
to provide our patients the very best quality and service today and tomorrow.

Kansas Heart Hospital was founded by physicians partnering with nurses and other healthcare providers to assure that all patients and their families remain front and center from admission through dismissal and beyond. Quality and service have been the hallmark of our clinical excellence and will continue to be our signature contribution on behalf of all our patients.

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Holiday Greetings……
Former Newman University Golfer Shines at Kansas Heart Hospital Golf Tournament LIGHTS OUT AT KANSAS HEART CAUSED BY POWERFUL STORMS